title. MILK (short film)

synopsisJanuary 1945: on a lonely farm in coastal New Zealand, a young widow confronts two crewmen from a German submarine who have come ashore on a secret mission – to get fresh milk.

date. October 2019

length.  16:43 min

funding grants. Short Film Otago, Enterprise Dunedin, West Harbour Community Board


  • San Jose International Short Film Festival, US, Oct. 2019

  • Austin International Film Festival, US, Oct. 2019

  • Tri-Cities International Film Festival, US, Oct. 2019

  • Alice nella Città International Film Festival, Italy, Oct. 2019

  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK, Nov. 2019

  • Veterans Film Festival, Australia, Nov. 2019

  • Shorts Are Not Pants, Canada, Nov. 2019

  • China International New Media Short Film Festival, Dec. 2019

  • Yountville International Film Festival, US, Feb. 2020

  • 10th Eko International Film Festival, Nigeria, March 2020

  • 8th International Changing Perspectives Film Festival, Turkey, March 2020

  • 21 Islands International Short Film Festival, US, April 2020

  • BraveMaker Film Fest, US, April 2020

  • Lighthouse International Short Film Fest, US, June 2020

  • Ischia International Film Festival, Ischia, June 2020


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