Short Film. 2019


January 1945: on a lonely farm in coastal New Zealand, a young widow confronts two crewmen from a German submarine who have come ashore on a secret mission – to get fresh milk.

​Funding grants:
Film Otago Southland, New Zealand Writers Guild

Writer & Director

Pennie Hunt


Stefan Roesch


Kirk Pflaum


Richard Lord
Lyra Stewart


Jodie Hillock, Mike Hoffmann, Peter Volksdorf, Peter Hayden

Festival Screenings

San Jose International Short Film Festival
US, Oct. 2019

Austin International Film Festival
US, Oct. 2019

Tri-Cities International Film Festival
US, Oct. 2019

Alice nella Città International Film Festival
Italy, Oct. 2019

Aesthetica Short Film Festival
UK, Nov. 2019

Veterans Film Festival
Australia, Nov. 2019

Shorts Are Not Pants
Canada, Nov. 2019

China International New Media Short Film Festival
Dec. 2019

Yountville International Film Festival
US, Feb. 2020

10th Eko International Film Festival
Nigeria, March 2020

8th International Changing Perspectives Film Festival
Turkey, March 2020

21 Islands International Short Film Festival
US, April 2020

BraveMaker Film Fest
US, April 2020

Lighthouse International Short Film Fest
US, June 2020

Ischia International Film Festival
Ischia, June 2020


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